It started
with a seed.

Family Story & History

Delta Land & Farm Management, Co. LLC was incorporated in 1985 by W. Elton Kennedy of Mer Rouge, Louisiana. Its office today is located in Mer Rouge. Initially, the company began managing approximately 26,000 acres of farmland located in Franklin and Tensas Parish, Louisiana for one client. From those humble beginnings, the company has expanded its acreage to over 180,000 acres of farmland, rangeland and timber located in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana and Texas for eighteen clients. This acreage is made up of 83% farmland, 12% ranch land and 5% timber. Approximately 144 farm tenants operate these acres under the control of Delta Land. The majority of these operators are located in ten Louisiana parishes, three Arkansas counties and three Mississippi counties. The major crops are rice, soybeans, corn, grain sorghum, wheat and cotton.

The operations of Delta Land and Farm Management are directed out of its office in Mer Rouge, Louisiana in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Mer Rouge is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Monroe, Louisiana, 95 miles west of Jackson, Mississippi and 180 miles south of Little Rock, Arkansas.