Deville Farm

For Sale

Track Name: Deville Farm
Acres: 11,377
Location: Catahoula, Louisiana

Sale Guidelines: Delta Land & Farm Management, Co. LLC, hereafter referred to as DLFM, has the exclusive listing for the sale of the Deville Farm located in Avoyelles Parish, LA. The property consists of approximately 11,377 deeded acres of which 10,264 acres are tillable cropland. The subject property will be shown by appointment only. Lannie B Philley, Broker for DLFM, will be the contact person for all interested parties. His contact information can be found later in this report.

All interested buyers will register with DLFM. Each interested buyer will be approved by the owner and DLFM before receiving access to the subject property. Once approved, each buyer will be personally accompanied by Lannie B Philley for a tour of the property and will sign an NDA prepared by the Seller. There will be no exceptions to this requirement. A sales brochure will be given to each prospective buyer upon request.
The subject property is one contiguous tract and will be sold as such. If you are interested in a partial purchase, let Lannie B Philley know.

Appropriate documents such as legal description, survey and other essential documents will be supplied as needed to an approved prospective buyer upon request.
All offers must be in writing, clearly stating an offer price and an earnest money deposit amount along with any special conditions. All offers must include an offer date and an expiration date signed by an authorized official of the entity making the offer or the individual making the offer. All offers will be delivered to DLFM either electronically or in person. Offers will not be accepted by the Seller. All offers will be directed to the following:

Lannie B Philley:

  • (318) 366-7183


The Deville Farm consists of approximately 11,377 acres of which 10,264 acres are tillable. This is a very large contiguous tract that has been much improved by the present owner and has an abundance of water sources. The cropland to deeded rat io is 90% which is considered very good on a tract of this size. Of the 10,264 cropland acres, 6,095 acres are precision leveled. In addition, there are five center pivot irrigation systems that are towable to thirteen sites. The average acreage under each system is approximately 110 acres resulting in approximately 1,430 acres of pivot irrigated crops. One of the pivots is owned by a farm tenant and the other four are owned by the previous landowner and are rented to the current tenants. The precision leveled acres are irrigated by wells and surface water supplied by an excellent relift system that is illustrated further in this report. There is opportunity for further irrigation development on the dryland acres.

The 2020 crop is composed of soybeans, rice and corn. Historically cotton and grain sorghum have been grown as well. The current FSA 156 EZ illustrating the crop bases and payment yields can be found in this report.
Presently, there are seven tenants that have nine leases on the farm. Lease information will be discussed upon approval of the prospective buyer.

The property is located in an ideal area for duck and deer hunting, bordering a 61,000 acre wildlife management area. Some hunting revenue is currently being received, but there is potential for additional recreation revenue, owner enjoyment or conversion to WRP.

Also included in this report is a soils map, an aerial map, and an irrigation map for the subject property as well as a few photos of improvements and crops.
Upon approval, each buyer will receive more information including FSA maps, a complete list of improvements and access to other documents relating to access, tenants, recreation and irrigation.

The current real estate taxes are approximately $17,816 ($1.57/acre).

Price: $38,500,000

Please contact Delta Land & Farm Management, Co. LLC, Broker, at (318) 647-5744 or contact us using our online form.

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