It started
with a seed.

We Work For You

Generally, the largest asset of any individual is land. The second largest asset is usually a stock portfolio, home, life insurance and cash. The most vulnerable of these assets is normally the land as most individuals get advice from their stockbroker, insurer, banker and CPA. Professional farm managers should be consulted just as one would consult with their attorney or banker.

At Delta Land, we feel we are as important or probably more important than your broker or banker. It is our responsibility to protect your largest asset and prevent any problems that may occur. Whether you are a small individual landowner or a large corporate landowner, we owe the same responsibility. We don’t answer to anyone but you our client.

Our obligation to you is the reason we have developed a six point plan of the most important issues facing an absentee landowner. The six point plan consists of the budget, land maintenance, appearance, beneficial programs, trust and USDA. In each of these catagories there will be many questions that you should ask yourself and if you don’t, we will ask. All of these questions have appropriate answers and it is our responsibility to see that you know these answers. In todays’ economy, not knowing can and will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.